We are a small designers/manufacturing company in the Netherlands and we like to offer you an as personal approach as possible in this ordering process. We believe in personal attention to the customer and to the manufacturing process of these beautiful furniture design pieces. All pieces are made in the Netherlands by very experienced craftsmen, with modern tools and carefull personal hand finishings.

There are a few way’s to order your product on line:

1) If everything online on our shopping site is clear to you, just put  your order clear into the contact form and send it to our mail address. We will send you as soon as possible an official, free offer which you can confirm afterwards. The order is done and the product will be delivered. In the confirmation you will find information about delivery and how to pay.

2) If you have questions about ordering a product, or want some extra product information you can also fill in your question into the contact form and send it to us. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

3) If you want to make a multiple or mixed order, you can always contact us via mail: info@marcelklever.nl or just call the number +31(0)6 150 73 156 and we can discuss the order and make you a right offer !

Prices an transportation:

All prices are including VAT (21% in the Netherlands) and transportation within the Netherlands. Extra shipping/transportation within Europe or the rest of the world is possible. Just mention where we have to ship and we will tell you the extra costs before confirmation.



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